29 December 2010

2011- 11 Life Changes

  1. I vow to take better care of myself. Inside and out.
  2. I will make myself healthier, I will lose 30lbs before I get married.
  3. I will read at least 50 books this year.
  4. I will train and complete a 5km run.
  5. Spend more time with my friends and family.
  6. Only allow myself one lazy look day a week. Put more effort into getting ready everyday.
  7. Work on complaining less. Try to keep negative comments to myselef.
  8. Spend less time wasting time online.
  9. Finish "Anna Karenina"
  10. Put away laundry as soon as it's done. (Don't leave it in baskets for days)
  11. Enjoy the little things in life, everyday is a new day.